Chuck Dukas, Actor, Host, Auctioneer

Chuck Dukas, Actor, Host, Auctioneer. Interview conducted by Tony Kariotis of

Tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Chuck Dukas. I am Greek American originally from Boston, MA and have been in Los Angeles, CA for 14 years. I am best known as the audience warmup host and announcer of America’s Got Talent and have made several guest star appearances on Daytime television such as The Bold and The Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and the Young and the Restless. When not on the stage in Hollywood I serve as a live event emcee and auctioneer tasing finds for many organizations and non profits across the country.

What does being Greek mean to you?

I am very proud being Greek American as we know Greeks are hard working, strong minded people. I feel that the culture and my upbringing has made me into the professional I am today.

What makes you proud calling yourself Greek?

My grandparents sacrificed a lot to come here to America. My Papou from Lesbos and my Yia Yia from the Peloponnese worked very hard from the moment they came to this country and I like to continue their family’s strong will of working hard and not forgetting my roots. I’m also proud that us Greeks have the best food and culture!!

What inspired you to chase your dream?

My first trip to Los Angeles in 2002 after seeing a taping of The Price is Right with Bob Barker is when I knew this was the world that I wanted to work in.

Tell us a little bit about everything you are doing!!

I am working non stop as an actor, host, auctioneer and Live Event Emcee across America.

How often do you get to visit Greece? Where do you stay!?

I’ve been to Greece three times and looking forward to visiting again. I’ve been to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Hydra and Poros. Crete is on my bucket list as well as my grandparents hometowns.

Thank you, Chuck! We look forward to following your journey!!

You can follow Chuck's journey by visiting his website: and by following him on Instagram @chuckdukas!

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