Dimitri Tsipanitis, Founder of Tzimakos Tours

Dimitri Tsipanitis, Owner and Founder of Tzimakos Tours. Interview conducted by Tony Kariotis of GreekPosts.com

Tell me a little about yourself!

I’m 30 years old, raised in Maryland. I have 

a bachelors degree in health science and masters in healthcare administration. I was a pharmaceutical sales manger for 6 years. I recently left my job and comfortable life in the states to start a business in Greece during the worst economic time period Greece has ever faced. 

What does being Greek mean to you?

I’m proud to represent Greece and to try and make a difference and restore hope in Nation that hasn’t had much lately. When people ask me my nationality make no mistake about it I proudly say I’m Greek/American. Though my roots are Greek; America (Maryland) in particular helped shape and mold me into the man I am today. 

What makes you proud calling yourself Greek?

When I’m in Greece I’m an American to all the natives first, when I’m in America I’m a Greek to all the natives first. I don’t care what people see me as I know deep down inside what I am and where I’m from. I’m trying to make a difference and help hundreds of un-employed  people to earn an honest living and provide for there family’s. 

What inspired you to start your company?

What inspired me to start my company was the daily struggle I saw in the eyes of many through out my community and family. The economic crisis hit Greece hard but hit the small towns and villages even harder. I took a chance and decided something needed to be done. 

Tell us a little bit about Tizmakos Tours!!

We offer all inclusive customizable vacations of Athens. We take care of lodging, transportation, food, drinks, tours, excursions and etc while in or around Athens. I work with local small business to provide visitors with an genuine authentic experience and an affordable price. 

What part of Greece do you call home?

I’m always on the go with work but when I’m able to I call Saronida home. Saronida has a special place in my heart with everlasting memories and unforgettable experiences. 

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

What started as a small business in which I struggled trying to get investors because no one believed in my idea, has now blossomed to an amazing opportunity. Myself and 2 other foreign investors are planning on opening up 2 all inclusive resorts in Greece by 2025. One on an island and another on the mainland, it will be top accommodations and something breathtaking. This opportunity has completely changed my life and has made it possible for me to soon employee close to 750 full time positions year long and not just seasonal and hundreds of more jobs in construction and etc in the build up of these hotels. I started with a small dream that at points was a nightmare and a struggle now turned Into fairy tail. 

Thank you, Dimitri! We look forward to following your journey!!

Interview conducted by Tony Kariotis of GreekPosts.com, and of @iamgreece

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