Welcome to GreekPosts.com!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

GreekPosts.com was founded by two Greek ambassadors in the Boston community. Our goal is simple. We want to be a platform where Greeks around the world can come to learn, inspire and collaborate with each other!

What are we going to offer?

Well, its simple. We will be conducting interviews with Greeks that have already made a difference in the world. Pick their brains, document it, and share it. Maybe we can all learn from them!

We will also be a springboard for Greek bloggers around the world that want to put their work in front of more people!

We will have have a Video and Photos sections. We will share educational Greek videos directly to our website and our Photo Art section is curated by the iamgreece travel blog! Photos will be available to purchase on a variety of product!

Lastly, our forum! The Forum is where we hope all the collaborating will conduct. Discuss topics, ideas, and anything else that comes to mind!!

We hope you love the idea as much as we do!!



co-founder of GreekPosts.com