Tony Kariotis, co-founder of GreekPosts

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Tony Kariotis, founder of Greece Media, interview conducted by Nick Stamoulis

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a first generation Greek-American born in Boston, MA. I am a proud Greek, driven by ideas and goals. I have gotten myself involved with a lot of Greek hobbies because I feel it is important to spread our culture to the world because I truly believe there is nothing else like it! I take pride in being a staple in the Greek-American community.

What are some of these hobbies? Are any your day to day business?

Well, by day I am a real estate investor, so no to your 2nd question! However, as for Greek hobbies, I am known as the director of the Teddy K Classic. The largest Greek Basketball tournament in New England, I'm hearing it is bigger than most around the country so that is always cool to hear!! Photography is also a huge passion of mine. I am the owner of the @greece and @iamgreece Instagram community. I recently spent 2 and a half months touring Greece and shooting photography and video along the way!! Last, but certainly not least, I am a radio host on a Greek Radio station called KefiFM! I am the host of The Kefi Sports Show. Our station's app which plays 24/7 music is available on the App Store/Google Play and can heard worldwide and most importantly for FREE!

Wow! That is awesome, this must take up a ton of your time!! How do you manage it all?

Great question!! It's fun stuff, and I love the quote "Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life!" so, I feel I am not really working but yes I do stay up late a lot!!

You are also involved with Greek Heritage Night in Boston, correct?

Yes! Myself with a great team, have had the honor of hosting Greek Heritage Night the passed two years at the TD Garden in Boston for the Boston Celtics when the Bucks and The Greek Freak come to town!! I recently met The Greek Freak at the last Heritage Night, myself along with my radio co-host got media access and the station was able to conduct an interview with Giannis in the Bucks locker room!!

You've spent a lot of time on the road lately, what is the best part about traveling?

You find yourself, and you really learn what is important in life and what is a distraction.

What inspired you to create GreekPosts?

All of the above. - Well to get specific, I truly believe people should be working together for a greater good. The stigma Greeks have that they don't want to see each other succeed upsets me. Yes it is real, but I feel the narrative will soon be that it WAS real, but not anymore. I've recently met several young up and coming creative Greeks that do amazing work but most important they truly appreciate each others work and cherish the opportunity to support each other.

How have you met these people?

Not in the traditional way! The world has some amazing people and technology has made it possible to reach and connect with these people with a tap of the button. While social media may have a sting of being a distraction, if you tap into it for the right reasons, amazing things can happen. I truly embrace the platform, Instagram to be specific. I never figured out Twitter!!

How many instagram's do you have?

Too many.

Thanks for your time! I look forward to working with you on this GreekPosts project!!

To follow Tony Kariotis, he can be found on Instagram: @tonykariotis (Personal), @iamgreece(Photography), @greece (Greece Media), @teddykclassic (Basketball Tournament) and @hooplagreeks (Greek Memes)